Nature Air

About Nature Air

With 20 years of experience, Nature Air is the Costa Rica Airline of choice for adventure travel, business trips and ecological tours in Central America. We offer travelers a reliable, innovative and fun airline. Our planes are roomy, climate-controlled and deliver a smooth ride with unbelievable views from every seat.

Baggage Policies

Additionally a hand bag or purse, Nature Air permits between 15 lbs. and 40 lbs. of checked baggage per person, determined by the fare class purchased.

Sporting equipment, such as surfboards, are subject to space and charged an extra fee of $40 per flight.

All luggage is subject to space availability.

Some other policies on baggage are applied.

Additional Information

Excess weight Charge
1 to 5 pounds $7
6 to 15 pounds $20
16 to 30 pounds $40
31 to 60 pounds $60


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