Traveling Tips on your Costa Rica Vacations

Traveling Tips on your Costa Rica Vacations

To make the most of your vacation to Costa Rica, there are several important things you should take into consideration:
  1. Carry a photocopy of your passport at all times, and make sure the photo is very clear. In addition, make sure it contains your personal information and the date that you entered Costa Rica.’
  2. Keep your valuable belongings in the hotel´s safety box.
  3. Make and keep a list with all numbers and serial numbers of your personal documents, credit cards, cellular phone if you carry one, laptop, ipod, camera, etc.
  4. Red cabs with yellow triangles on the doors are the official transportation in the country. At the Juan Santamaria International Airport, the orange cabs are the official transportation for the airport.

You should take into consideration several important facts about electricity, money, tipping, taxes, and clothing.

Electricity: The power is 110 volts all over the country, although there are some places that have 220 volts as well. Nevertheless, bring a power adapter to avoid any inconvenience. Remember to ask the hotel staff before connecting any device.

Currency: The Colon is the official currency of Costa Rica, and the exchange rate varies every day. To enjoy your Costa Rica vacations, please use official banks to exchange money.

Tips and taxes: A 13% sales is always included in all rates. Additionally, in restaurants and bars, a 10% service will be added. Tips are not mandatory since they are already included.

Clothes: The country is pretty warm for tourists, so light clothes are recommended. Sometimes it may be wise to carry a sweater or jacket at nights because it tends to get cool. At the beach, shorts and t-shirts are sufficient. Do not forget sun block, sunglasses, and a mosquito repellent at any time. If you plan to walk in the forest, long, light pants are necessary, as well as long-sleeved but light-weight shirts, boots, and a hat are highly recommended. For the rainy season (May through November) a jacket and umbrella is necessary.

If you remember these helpful recommendations, your Costa Rica vacations will surely be a great experience to remember.

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Adventure in Costa Rica

Adventure in Costa Rica

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