Top 10 Most Amazing Places for Surfing in Costa Rica

Top 10 Most Amazing Places for Surfing in Costa Rica

When people think about Costa Rica they think about a complete bunch of possibilities and opportunities to have an unforgettable time here.

Tourists wonder about which hotels to book, the best resorts in Costa Rica, the most amazing volcanoes to visit, or the most interesting cultural attractions; however, it is well known all around the globe that the Costa Rican beaches are a real paradise for the people who like to practice this extreme sport.

The Costa Rican surf history started in the 70´s when the first professional surfer of the country decided to work very hard in order to make use of the incredible potential that the country´s geography has to make every surfer´s dreams come true.

Because of this reason, here is a top 10 of best beaches of Costa Rica for surfing.

1. Guiones Beach, Nosara

This amazing place has one of the most incredible characteristic of all the places to visit in Costa Rica. Guiones Beach has more than 300 days a year in which the waves are simply perfect for learning how to surf.

This beach has a soft sand floor, so if you want to go there and practice the basis of this sport the beach will be gentle with you if you fall from the board. However, if you are a more experimented surfer, the beach also offers bigger waves that are recommended only of people with previous knowledge of the sport.

The water here is one of the cleanest of all the country its temperature is always enjoyable. This beach is located in the province of Guanacaste just a couple of hours away from the Daniel Oduber International Airport and close to several of the best Costa Rica resorts.

2. Tamarindo Beach, Guanacaste

You will probably hear the word Guanacaste many times if you are looking for the best places to visit in Costa Rica and talking about surfing is not an exception.

Tamarindo is maybe the most famous destination to practice this sport all around the pacific coast of the country. There, the waves are always very consistent, there is good wind coming from the ocean, and the facilities that exist around the area make this destination a dream came true.

The best part about Tamarindo is that there is not only one beach in which you can go and ride the waves, but there are plenty of other options only some minutes around the center of the town.

Other sports such as Playa Grande or Playa Langosta offer surfers very challenging places to test their abilities.

Besides, there are many options of restaurants and resorts that will give their best to make you spend an amazing time one of the most famous places of Costa Rica.

3. Avellanas Beach

Even though this is not a very well-known destination when people visit Costa Rica, Avellanas beach is one of the best beaches you can find in the country; however, it´s only for professional surfers due to its 16 feet waves that must be taken seriously.

For this reason, this surf paradise is one of best places to see in Costa Rica and it´s also called “the little Hawaii” because of its exuberant views and first class beaches.

One detail to take into account if you want to go and experience Avellanas is that there is no public transportation to get there; therefore, there are only small hotels and cabins for the tourists who want to have a rural experience where they will be in contact with nature and enjoy from the local small businesses like the famous bar Lola.

4. Hermosa Beach, Jacó

When talking about surf, Jacó is one of the most famous Costa Rican destinations and it is a world-wide reference when people talk about this extreme game.

Hermosa has been the host of several very prestigious surf event in which the best of the best comes to the country to show their abilities to the rest of the world. It is located only 10 km away from Jacó city where you can find all the entertainment and night attractions you can wish.

Even though this beach is not recommended for amateur swimmers, if you are an experienced surfer looking for some adrenaline this is the place for you. Besides amazing waves during all the year, there is also a turtle nesting sanctuary where you can go and learn about these beautiful animals.

5. Puerto Viejo

On the other coast of the country, which you can visit traveling only a few hours, you can find some of the fastest waves which are one of the best Costa Rican attractions. 

Salsa Brava” is the name that locals have given to what they believe is the strongest and most dangerous wave of Costa Rica, so it is not weird that many surfers from all around the planet go there to test not only their ability, but also their luck. Athletes dare to challenge the wave´s tube which requires lots of skill and braveness.

Besides, this wave is born above a sharp not very deep reef that makes riding the “Salsa Brava” an experience only for the bravest, so if you go to Puerto Viejo a surf this wave you will belong to a group of selected surfers who have been able to dominate the monster.

6. Pavones Beach

If you are a surfer this place is going to be heaven for you! Pavones is a beach with a small town around that is populated, basically, only by surfers who enjoy their lives enjoying the beauty and the awesome waves that this beach has to offer.

Pavones is also known around the word as one of the best places of Costa Rica because it has the second longest wave braking for left-handed people in all the globe.

If you are planning to go there, it is a good idea to take into account that the most recommendable time of the year to be there is during the rainy season, however, getting to Pavones could be a little complicated depending on your experience traveling in tropical countries.

The beach is really a destination only for those surfers who love to travel to the furthers places and ride the best and craziest waves ever! 

7. Roca Bruja Beach

Very close to Playa Naranjo, but not in the same place, this amazing place is definitively not for the weak! This golden sand beach is surrounded by rocky formations that have given it its name “Witch Rock” and it is located inside the Santa Rosa National Park in Guanacaste.

Because of this reason, there is no hotel around the surfing area, so if camping is your way, you have found the perfect spot for you. Normally, the easiest way to get to Roca Bruja is by boat. People go there, surf during several hours, and then go back to their camps and spend the night there under one of the most beautiful night skies of the planet.

Bruja offers an excellent fast wave that can be ridden during the whole day, but be careful because sometimes it is possible to see some saltwater crocodiles or sharks around the area.

8. Mal País

Mal Pais is one of the most famous places of Costa Rica and this small town has evolved from a village of fishers to a real surf paradise. Different from the other destinations mentioned so far in this top, Mal Pais is not only one beach people can visit.

On the other hand, it is made by three extremely beautiful beaches which are a dream came true for surf lovers. Carmen Beach, Santa Teresa Beach, and Mal Pais offer perfect waves for all kinds of athletes. Carmen beach is the ideal place for beginners because it has a very big beach with sandy floor.

Besides, normally the waves there do not go above the meter of height.  On the other hand, the expert suffers must go to Santa Teresa where they can find amazing tubes and huge waves to ride. Mal Pais is not only surf and beach; there are also many places to visit after having done exercise at the see and go to drink something in and enjoyable environment.

Also, there are plenty of stores and “surf schools” where you can go and get all the items or the lessons you need to enjoy this place as much as possible.

9. Playa Negra Beach

When talking about Costa Rican destinations, we can say that there are many of them that are Hollywood celebrities because they have been locations of famous movies; Playa Negra is one of those.

It was part of the surf film “Endless Summer II” and it was chosen as part of the locations of the movie because of its exuberant beauty. Since it’s a very famous place in the country, the area where people take the waves is normally crowded, but that is not an inconvenient to have fun there.

The ideal moment to catch the waves is during high tie because during low tie the pointy rock that are under the surface go out the water and might be dangerous for the athletes. However, if surfers are brave enough to surf during the low tie they will have the opportunity to catch the perfect wave with one of the most amazing tubes in the planet. 

Because of all this, it is easy to understand why many of the surfers who come to Costa Rica end up making Playa Negra their home.

10. Playa Dominical

The last member of this top is one of well-known Costa Rica tourist attractions. Located on the Pacific part of the country, Dominical has one of the most consistent waves of all the region. It has very powerful ties which generate tubes that run along the whole beach.

If you want to go there, you have to be careful because there can be jellyfish and sting rays around the surf area. Camping areas, shops, and several bars and restaurants give an extra value to this beautiful place gathered around 10 kilometers.

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and prestigious places when people talk about nature and surf, so if you want to come to this country and enjoy yourself, you will be more than welcomed!


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