Surfing Paradise, Hermosa Beach - Costa Rica

Surfing Paradise, Hermosa Beach - Costa Rica

If you are looking for where to go in Costa Rica and enjoy some nice waves, a beautiful beach, an amazing weather, and unbelievable landscapes; then, you have found the perfect place for you. Located in the province of Puntarenas, on the Pacific Coast of the country, Hermosa Beach is one of the most famous and important Costa Rican destinations.

This beautiful beach has some of the best conditions people can find to practice surf in all the country; for this reason, it has held several important international competitions in which the best of the best athletes have come to Costa Rica to test their abilities.

With wide a beach, amazing 13 feet waves that can be enjoyed more than 250 days a year, and a great environment, Hermosa is a mandatory place to go in Costa Rica if you like to ride some awesome waves.

It is only about one hour and half from the capital city San José, and it is also very easy to access either if you are using your own vehicle or if you belong to the group of people who love using public transportation and live the whole experience.  

Another advantage that Hermosa has is that it is located only 5 Kilometers away from Jacó city, another top place to visit in Costa Rica, and 11 kilometers away from Herradura Beach.

In Jacó, you would find lots of fun to share with people who are also looking for adventures just like you are. Plenty of restaurants, surfing spots, bars and night life, and a lot of places to stay suitable for all budgets are only some of the positive points Hermosa win just for being close to Jacó.

Besides, if you decide to travel a little bit more and go to Herradura beach, you will also find a city with all the amenities necessary for having a great time. There you can find a small mall, bars and restaurants and one of the best resorts in Costa Rica which has its own yacht dock, just in case you want to bring yours!

Even though Herradura doesn’t normally have conditions to practice surf, it is a beautiful beach perfect for swimming and having a nice time before or after having had an adrenaline rush riding big bad waves in Hermosa.
Going back to Hermosa, when you are there maybe you would wonder which is the very best spot to get into the water; well there is a place which is the most famous one and everybody’s favorite: El árbol. El árbol, or the tree in English, is a common point of reference for surfer to gather.

It is super easy to find because it is the only spot on the beach with a massive tree. This is where most people gather for big swells but it depends greatly on the direction of the swell and also on where people are staying.

If by any reason the tree if full of people and you don’t like crowed places when you surf, you can continue driving down the route a couple of miles and there you will find another excellent place to stay. This place is very convenient because it has a parking lot right in front the sea, so you can leave your car in a safe place and just relax for the rest of the day. 

Finally, if you don’t like this other spot and want something different, there is another place beyond down the road called Tulin. This place is also great for surfing and probably there are not going to be many people there in the water because sometimes it is possible to see some caimans swimming close to the area.

It is not very common, but it is possible to see some of them on the beach taking the sun or getting into the water. It’s up to you if you plan this adrenaline plus in your adventure.

If you get tired after surfing and you have some free time, you can also go the most famous national park of Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio. It is only 45 five minutes away for the beach. Also, you can go and visit the Wildlife Shelter where they protect the Lora Turtles that go there to nest every year.

To sum up, Hermosa beach has the whole package. It is close to three important cities of the country, it has many options of activities to do and all the facilities someone can need in order to have a great time, and; obviously, some of the greatest wave to surf not only of Costa Rica, but also of the whole world.

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Adventure in Costa Rica

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