Honeymoon Vacation Packages: The best place for lovers

Honeymoon Vacation Packages: The best place for lovers

Costa Rica is a preferred place among international travelers, but not only for the good conditions that vacation hotels offer, the unforgettable nature experience or the tours but also for being an excellent destination for love.

The country has received numerous designations as the most attractive destination for romance and honeymoon of Latin America.

This, thanks to the wide offer of luxurious Costa Rica hotels, the world-class Spas, the secluded and pristine beaches, and all the natural experiences that can be enjoyed here.

But not every couple is looking for luxury for their romantic escapade. For many years, travelers have been coming to the country to enjoy their Costa Rica honeymoon vacations, and to take advantage of comfortable cheap vacation villas and authentic local experiences.

The good news is that Costa Rica has everything to please and satisfy everyone’s needs.

The newlyweds can’t resist the charm of this tropical and paradisiac country. The honeymoon destinations are as varied as travelers exist.

Here, couples can enjoy a diverse bunch of activities going from mountains to beaches, from time to relax to adrenaline tours that will boost your senses, from luxurious accommodations to cozy lodges. The country is ideal for all kinds of couples.

The best Costa Rica honeymoon vacation packages are here and we want you to consider the country as your destination for this unforgettable moment of your life.

And we are not only talking about the honeymoon, the wedding can be also arranged here, and we assure you that this will be the best experience of your life… and probably one of the best experiences of your guests’ life.

If you just checked our vacation packages and have another great idea for your vacation with your beloved one, then we invite you to contact us and let us know everything about your plans, your budget, your desires, your dream locations, and we will be more than glad to assist you preparing every single detail of your package, for a perfect honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is an excellent option to enjoy the beginning of your new life as a married couple, but most important, this is the ideal country to relax after all the stress of preparing the wedding.

And we know you deserve that break! Our beaches are the perfect scenario for a romantic dinner, the lush rainforests are the perfect set for an afternoon of chilly weather in the company of your partner, and the adventure tours are a great way to laugh and create funny memories.

The first thing you need to know before start planning your honeymoon is that the Costa Rica weather may vary from region to region (we call this as microclimates) and also in the same week it is possible to find different weather conditions. But, the thing here is that we suggest you to plan your vacation between December and mid-April, as the weather conditions are more favorable.

But you have to take into consideration that this is the tourist high season and places can be crowded. Besides, if you want lower rates in the hotels, then the best will be to come during low season (rainy season).

Leaving weather conditions apart, we can assure you that you will enjoy the greatest moments during your honeymoon in Costa Rica throughout all the year.

The hotels in Costa Rica love to pamper the honeymooners, that’s why they offer a great selection of services ideally thought for couples and romance. If you are looking for more comfort and high-end services during your stay, then the luxury honeymoon resorts will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

Some of them have full featured Spas to indulge yourself and your couple into a very pleasant experience, with facilities such as massage therapies, facials, Jacuzzis, stones massages, beauty parlors, mud baths, and full body treatments… Imagine all of it being shared with your beloved one!  

But do not worry if you are on a budget or if you and your couple prefer more the authentic experiences and the adventurous tours. A honeymoon planned this way will also give you a pleasant time and will fill your memories with the greatest moments.

Now, if you don’t know yet which are the best destinations for couples to visit, let us give you our most recommended places for lovers. The best places in Costa Rica for tourism are on this list, so you will be experiencing the very best of the country while enjoying the most romantic moment.

Honeymoon Vacation Packages: The best place for lovers in Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonio Beach

This beach is located in the Central Pacific region of the country and it is one of the most visited and world well-known beaches thanks to its beauty and the variety of lodging and food options, as well as for its nightlife offer too.

To reach this place you must take a transfer with one of our guides (you can also drive your own rented car if you want more privacy) for approximately 3 hours departing from the Juan Santamaria International Airport. The fastest way to get there is to take a domestic flight that will take no longer than 25 minutes, saving you a lot of time.

Here you can enjoy fun couple activities under the sun and in the warm water: rafting, parasailing, snorkeling, catamaran, banana boat tours, surfing, and also canopy, white water rafting, horseback riding and rappelling. A visit to the Manuel Antonio National Park is also a great option, its paths are in perfect conditions for a great walk and you will discover inside the park a beautiful secluded beach to swim and relax.

Honeymoon Vacation Packages: The best place for lovers in Papagayo Gulf

Papagayo Gulf

The Papagayo Gulf in the province of Guanacaste province features the best Costa Rica all-inclusive resorts. The place is perfect for couples who are looking for luxurious accommodations and services. The unparalleled beauty of its beaches is also preferred for both locals and foreigners, and for famous people too.

If you like road trips, then getting there by car will be the best option as it is a 4-hour (approximately) trip through scenic landscapes departing from the international airport.

But we must say that the best option for you to travel to Costa Rica is to book a flight that lands in the Daniel Oduber International Airport, as it is located in Liberia Costa Rica in the same province of Guanacaste. Then, while there, you can book a direct flight to your final beach destination or take a shorter road trip of approximately 30 minutes.

You will find all types of accommodations here, from small boutique resorts to big condos and resorts. You have plenty options to choose from for this special occasion. And the activities are very varied too. Just imagine a day full of diving ending with a romantic dinner under the stars, or some golf time with your partner surrounded by the local wildlife and the amazing views. The possibilities are endless!

Honeymoon Vacation Packages: The best place for lovers in Arenal Volcano of La Fortuna Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna Costa Rica

La Fortuna Costa Rica is located in the Northern Region of the country and it is a well-known spot among tourists as its main attraction is its conic shaped volcano. This is one of the best places to visit as it combines the lush natural settings with great adventure tours and relaxation.

Here you can enjoy some of the most amazing hotels in Costa Rica, as it is the world renowned and awarded hotel: Nayara Springs. This is a luxury option that will make you forget about the stress of the daily routine and will immerse you and your couple into the most satisfying experience of your trip.

Some of the activities that can be enjoyed here are the hanging bridges walk, canopy tours, aerial trams, horseback and bike ridings, kayaks, rural and cultural tours, steamy hot springs to relax at the end of your day, and of course, a visit to the Arenal Volcano National Park.

To get there it takes about 3 hours of road trip or you can also take a local flight that will take no longer than 25 minutes.

Honeymoon Vacation Packages: The best place for lovers in Osa Peninsula

Osa Peninsula

This paradisiac and exuberant place is an excellent option for lovers as it is a secluded spot that will give you all the privacy you need and want for this special moment. If you and your partner are nature lovers then this place is a must in your vacation itinerary.

This place is truly exotic and that is why it is considered an “off the beaten path” destination among travelers. The exotic flora and fauna of the region will boost your senses and make you experience an unforgettable moment amidst the true forest.

There are several hotels offering great options, you just need to pick one and let yourself live one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Landscapes here are incredible and being so far from the main cities gives you the relax of being apart from the mundane life.

It is important to mention that the way to get there is preferable -and strongly recommended- by plane. Taking a domestic flight is what you need to get there as the road trip may take between 7 and 8 hours and it is a complicated operation.

Once there, you have different options to enjoy your honeymoon vacation. Most of the hotels offer yoga lessons, kayaks, stand up paddling, night walks, several trails to hike, and if you come in the right season you can also enjoy whales and dolphins watching tours. And do not forget the romantic touch: spas and candlelight dinners are also available.  

We know how important this event is in the life of the newlyweds, and due to this, we are committed to provide the best service possible and to help you organize the best honeymoon ever. Know you can have a little idea of what to expect during your honeymoon vacation package.

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