Get To Know Costa Rica: South Pacific Area

Get To Know Costa Rica: South Pacific Area

Land of tropical forest with a unique species of flora and fauna, abundant marine live and the highest peak in Costa Rica, land with an indigenous legacy that holds the mysteries on its stone spheres. Land which olds still now keeps their traditions.

Costa Rica South Pacific goes from the Panamá Border to the Baru River and from the Pacific Coast to the Talamanca Range. Important places are located on the South Pacific: Corcovado, Chirripo National Park, La Amistad International Park, wetlands of Sierpe-Terraba and Golfo Dulce.

Part of the South Pacific is the Osa Peninsula that possesses unique endemic species of flora and Fauna also many migratory species from North and South America. In the South Pacific area you can find trees of up to 70 meters, wood species of great value and the largest population of felines and scarlet macaws. In the Talamanca Mountain Range, Paramo ecosystem is the home of great species like the resplendent Quetzal also this is the home of the main indigenous tribes of Meso-America.

Drake bay at the South Pacific is the perfect place for the migration of important marine species like spotted and bottle nose dolphins, the humpback whale and the green Baula Turtle.

Dominical is located in the Costa Rica South Pacific, just 30 minutes from Quepos on an excellent road. This little paradise is very attractive for surfing, relax and water sports. Little town with few hotels, lodges and restaurants, plenty of flora and fauna, this place is a great place to observe birds and whales. Accommodations for all budgets and food for who loves ocean taste. Night living is also found at this area, Karaokes, bars, etc.

Dominical beach is well known for its great waves for practicing surf, also is great for kayak, diving and snorkel. Other beaches close to Dominical main town are great for relax and swimming: Dominicalito, Uvita, Playa Arco, Playa Ballena and Playa Ventanas.
Ballena National Park

Located between Punta Uvita and Punta Piñuelas, with 110 hectares of land and 5735 of sea. Sand and Rocky reefs are under protection on this area. Mangrove is an extraordinary habitat for sponges, coral reefs, crabs, seaweed, lobsters, etc. Together with Isla Tres Hermanas, Isla Ballenas is a very important area for humpback whales and dolphins.

Horseback riding tours are available for every body who wants to visit Nauyaca waterfalls one of the biggest and beautiful of the place.
Chirripó Peak

The highest elevation in Costa Rica, close to San Isidro del General is a prominent peak with 3820 meters of altitude. After a 8 to 10 hours hiking tourist can enjoy the Paramo, Lakes Valley, the Morenas Valley, The Rabbits Valley and the Crestones.
Corcovado National Park

41788 hectares of biodiversity. Corcovado is an important center for International investigations on the humid Tropical Forest. Corcovado houses more than 500 species of trees, many species of mammals. More than 367 kinds of birds, sweet water fishes, amphibians and reptiles.

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Adventure in Costa Rica

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