Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?

Just before you start reading this article, please take your time, close your eyes and imagine the following: arriving into a small airport in a crowded city, and just about 30 minutes away, you visiting a coffee valley, a quiet place, surrounded by mountains, listening to the small birds singing, watching an amazing sunset and tasting delicious tropical food.

Next day, after you enjoyed a comfortable bed and a delicious Costa Rican breakfast, you will spend no more than 3 hours to start the adventure of a lifetime, picturesque and colorful landscape, a lot to do, and great moments to catch memories with family or friends.

Maybe you will say that it sounds far off or almost impossible but let me tell you that it is possible in Costa Rica, and we would like to invite you to come and visit the “Pura Vida” Home!

Costa Rica vacations are full of feelings, sense, desires, adventure, happiness and much more. That is why we invite you to immerse in our natural clear water, experience the adrenaline of one of the most important rivers in the country used for rafting competitions, pass by beautiful canyons and exuberant vegetation, and feel the water that wet your face.

You can also feel the waves that move your body into a water tunnel, let your body express what you are feeling, enjoy that sense of being on the air, sliding through the forest canopy, experience the power of waterfall while descending a rock wall, jump as a monkey in the trees, smell the active volcanos and feel its heat, and do not forget to go deep in the forest while looking for wildlife.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Pura Vida Culture

Have you heard about the phrase: Pura Vida?

When “ticos” (Costa Rican people) says “Pura Vida” (literally, pure life in English) they are referring to a life style, it is a greeting, a kind of saying hello or good bye. Also, it is used to thank or to say that everything is doing well. Pura Vida is part of the idiosyncrasy as is the motto for all the “ticos”; it shows how happy we are and why you must visit this natural paradise, and also why you should experience the adventure in Costa Rica.

Let us share with you five reasons why this is your next trip destination:

  1. Your adventure vacations must include rafting, as it is one of the country’s main and most exciting activities. We have a lot of rivers to practice this and each one is highly recommended, but we will show you the best spot for it: the Pacuare river.
  2. We can also offer you amazing and unforgettable zip line tours; here we have one of the largest zip line cables in Central America, it is located at three hours from San José Costa Rica, the capital city of the country.
  3. Costa Rica has a complex volcanic formation, with many nice and active volcanoes. It means that if you are lucky enough, you will smell, feel and see its power, especially the gas emanations.
  4. Again, talking about volcanoes, just at three hours from San José, you could stay in a place that is perfect for adventure. There is a beautiful and large lagoon that is one of our main attractions, a good spot to do kayaking, canyoning, fishing or boat rides.
  5. Last one but no less important, there are our beautiful Costa Rica beaches. Have you heard something about our beaches? We are able to offer you surf spots in our Central, North and part of South Pacific, as well as the Caribbean side. Costa Rica surfing beaches are a complete paradise.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Waterfall in Pacuare River

Pacuare River

If you are thinking in Costa Rica adventure tours you must consider doing the rafting at Pacuare River. This is located in the Central Valley, at the southeast of San Jose and very close to the Caribbean side, and it is not just an adventure spot, it is rich in nature and wildlife. The river is one of the world’s most renowned rivers because of its scenic beauty, also used for competitions and it is certainly a hydrologic resource in Costa Rica.

Pacuare is a protected area that includes more than 13,000 hectares of forest and it is an ancestral indigenous community, actually the Cabecar community are still living in that part of the forest, trying to protect and preserve their traditions and customs.

We have other rafting options like Pejibaye River located in Turrialba. This is an option for families with younger children and unexperienced people, the same happens at Balsa River in Arenal, its rapids are II or III class, so these are family friendly. Also, we have the Sarapiquí river which offers low categories of rapids (II - III) and another part that can be III – IV for more adventurous people.

In Manuel Antonio we have Naranjo or Savegre rivers, in Guanacaste Tenorio or Corobici.  But, although Costa Rica has many rivers for rafting, Pacuare is known as one of the best ones in the country.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Cabecar Culture

About the Cabecar

Cabecar is the name of the ethnicity however we are talking about different and important territories in Turrialba area and the region of the province of Limon, some of them are: Nairi – Awari, Bajo Chirripó & Alto Chirripó.

In Costa Rica, the Cabecar territory embrace around 163,300 people. They are one of the groups that are still keeping their essence, they used to fish and hunt and cultivate different products like coffee, plantain and cocoa.

They still speak Cabecar language but Spanish too. Their religious belief is the Jawa, who is a shaman or specialist in the knowledge of traditional medicine, that person also represents the connection between the physical and spiritual world.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Hiking in Pacuare River

Adventure at Pacuare

You will spend a full day on this activity, start with a delicious typical breakfast on the way and do not forget the delicious coffee before start the adventure.

Passing through the picturesque and small valley of Turrialba, you will learn a little bit of this authentic place with our guides who will be talking about what you will see, these green and beautiful landscapes and extensive plantations. The adrenaline starts to rise once you are in the “put-in place” (where you will get the equipment, rafts, paddles and the guide will do the safety briefing).

It is important to consider that the tour do not allow children under 12 years old as it has rapids II, III & IV. Once you start the adventure, the raft will be jumping over the currents of the river, crossing a dense green forest where it is possible to admire aquatic birds, toucans, hear the monkeys, look for amazing butterflies, and it is possible to find sloths or some mammals if you are lucky enough.

The cascades and waterfalls, as well as the towering canyons are part of its scenic beauty. Some of the most exciting rapids have specific names like Huacas, Cimarrones and Dos Montañas.

Your Costa Rica adventure vacation packages are not complete at all without experience the authentic Costa Rica tours that can be done in this area, and we highly recommend you to stay at Pacuare

Lodge which is and small boutique hotel, located in the banks of Pacuare River, you are able to get there by raft, 4x4 or by taking an helicopter flight.

Can you imagine taking a breakfast or lunch on a nest over a tall tree like a bird? Pacuare Lodge offers you this experience, after a nice and interesting short walk in the forest, you will be able to cross a zip line cable to get there.

The amazing view from there will relax you and will give you the chance to disconnect from the world and be in contact to the wildlife, once you are ready to go down, you will continue your Costa Rica adventure, descending on a rappel.

Do not forget visiting the Cabecar communities, there are challenging trails to walk into the dense forest to go to the real house of these communities, and be in contact with them. It is incredible to see and understand how they build houses and how they live, people in those communities are very healthy and friendly.

You will share with them, learn about their customs and traditions and be right inside of a natural paradise. There are also short walks, close to the lodge, where you can appreciate their life style.

The lodge offers the opportunity to visit Bajos del Tigre community, using a rustic and simple gondola to get you across the river, this is the place were some of the lodge staff live, another way to see and hear this beautiful and magical river. Would you like to taste and smell some of their products or know about their medicine plants?

This amazing place is perfect for couples, one of the experiences that we highly recommend is the dinner on the river banks, delicious tropical Costa Rican fresh food, authentic flavors served far from the common areas, where you can only hear the river passing, very quiet, and lit with candles, accompanied by a campfire.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Canopy in Monteverde Cloud Forest

Zip line tour in the Cloud Forest

This is a common tour in our country but we have one of the longest cables for this activity, so it is another reason why your adventure vacations are meant to be in Costa Rica.

Do you like the cloud forest? Are you willing to stay in the mountain?

At three hours driving from San Jose, in the Puntarenas area, there is located one of the highlights of Costa Rica. Simply it is an oasis, a small place with a lot of vegetation, and a perfect spot for bird watching, relax and enjoy adventure.

Once you are there you will feel the fresh air and the cold weather, this is its most important characteristic. At wherever that you look, you will see an evergreen forest, as a lot of flora and fauna species live there.

The constructions are small but cozy, with character, the wood smell is in almost all the hotels, and there is always a perfect time to enjoy a coffee cup, hot chocolate or tea or a wine glass, while watching and hearing the rain falling. This surely makes the perfect scenery to rest but also for adventure. Having those details, we are certainly talking about Monteverde Costa Rica.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, 100% Aventura hanging bridges

100% Aventura – Adventure Park

We have to say that that the funniest part, when your adrenaline will be at the top is when you are in the cloud forest doing zipline, because you can appreciate the landscape but also there is a possibility of not seeing what there is at the end of the cable due to the fog. For adventurous people, the experience of a lifetime will be fly over the trees through the fog in the forest. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This park has a cable that is offered for superman too, one of the longest in Latin America. It has a distance of one mile, and the company is well known and has more than ten years on the touristic industry. What makes it unique is that it is 100% Costa Rican.

You should walk in the forest to get to the first platform where you will slide to the next trip; what is amazing is that you can jump and swing and walk slowly in the rope bridge, while you are looking for animals or taking time to look the nature. The complete route for this tour includes zip line, rope bridge, rappel, super man and Tarzan swing.

If you want adventure and would like to visit this area but do not like height, then you can enjoy riding a horse in the mountains, soft adventure with trained horses, passing far off the beaten track. But also consider a little bit of adrenaline and speed, with an ATV’s tour.

It does not matter if it is raining or if the sun is shining, put on your equipment and feel the adrenaline in your body, discovering with a guide unforgettable places, unloading your stress while you are feeling happy and building memories that will remain during your whole life.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, 100% Aventura hanging bridges

Volcanic Formation

We were blessed with a natural volcanic formation as there are more than 200 volcanic structures around the country. We have three big volcanic masses: the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range, the Central Mountain Range, and the Talamanca Mountain Range (in Spanish, Cordillera Volcánica de Guanacaste, Central and Talamanca).

Costa Rica has more than 200 identified volcanic formations, dating back more than 65 million years ago. We have now some active volcanoes that are protected areas and very popular tourist destinations. It is actually another reason why you must come and see the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. Due to its formation, there are awesome places where you can also enjoy adventure.

Your adventure Costa Rica vacations are also waiting for you in the North Pacific area of the country. For this,  let´s talk about Bagaces which is a small rural area, very secluded, part of the dry forest and very close to some of the best Guanacaste beaches and the Liberia Airport.

We would like to offer you a visit to Rio Perdido, a boutique hotel, very nice and with a different concept, there you will find separate bungalows immersed in the forest, which means more privacy. This option is ideal for families, friends or couples but it is absolutely an option to enjoy adventure.

The beautiful white canyon besides being amazing and spectacular, offers a combination of activities where you will always be active, jumping, sliding, swinging and more. The challenge includes zip line, pendulum cable, via ferrata, challenge bridge, with a total of 15 platforms in the middle of the rocks.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Rio Perdido Guanacaste

Are you ready to experience it?

At Rio Perdido you do not have to worry about looking for activities in the surroundings or going out: the adventure is right there in the property, as well as the comfort to maximize your adventure Costa Rica vacations. Just a few steps from your bungalow you can discover different and enchanting trails for all the people.

Trails goes from the simple flat paths of 1 or 2.5 kilometers to the steeper trails of 3.5, 5, 8 or 10 kilometers. Although people prefer the flat trails, we highly recommend the steep ones. Just imagine the beautiful lookout where you can see Rincón de la Vieja, Miravalles and Tenorio volcanoes, the volcanic formations that are unparalleled there, where the color of these rocks is beautiful.

For people older than 12 years old, there is also a possibility of floating in the river, where you will admire the rocks walls and the amazing clear water. There is nothing more relaxing than sliding on the river and this is a soft adventure, even if we are talking about rapids there are slower and faster parts, depending on the rapids that you find. Tubbing is one of the most popular experiences there.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Rincon de la Vieja Volcano Guanacaste

More Costa Rica adventure tours

Thanks to our volcanic formation we have spectacular sceneries in Costa Rica. Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, located in Guanacaste Costa Rica province, near Liberia Airport, is a very nice place to visit. Imagine how amazing would be feel the heat or smell its gas emanations; there you can walk through the dry trails and see the hot mud holes. In the surrounding properties you will find natural hot springs.

Here you can fly in the zip line cables, but a totally different experience is waiting for you, because the canyons are part of another scenery, nice colors, beautiful dry landscapes, very quiet and secluded place where you can take also a lot of activities.

Ride a horse in the forest, visit incomparable waterfalls, walk in the property, drive speedy using an ATV and feel the hot mineral water in your body, these water that eliminate the toxins while you are relaxing and enjoying the nature. All of these activities are offered by Hacienda Guachipelin, which is a Costa Rican hotel, authentic farm house style, the property is rustic but nice, surrounded by a lot of vegetation.

If you are not still convinced of visiting this place, let us say that you must discover the canyons and rock walls to descend on them, you can control with your hands the speed, jumping on the rocks and listening to the waterfalls. What makes this canyon tour unique is that you can do Tarzan swing and climb to challenge yourself, and at the end you can jump and immerse in the fresh water. What a good end, doesn’t it?

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Arenal Volcano National Park and Arenal Lake

Have you heard about the Arenal Volcano National Park?

Continue your adventure travelling to the North Region, at three hours from San Jose, approximately, you will discover a different spot where the only conical shaped volcano of our country is located. Picturesque roads, rural areas, a lot of plantations around the way, and exuberant green vegetation, you cannot visit Costa Rica without staying in Arenal Volcano or La Fortuna region.

There you will find too many lodging options, from the more rustic to the high-end property, for families, friends or honeymooners, there is no doubt that it is a great option, one of the main places for Costa Rica adventure vacations.

The sense of wake up and have the opportunity to see and admire this magical volcano, produces a feeling of power and happiness at the same time, it is just towering. But let´s talk about adventure, there are options for youngest and oldest, rafting is very common in Balsa River, a slowly and more relaxing options, it is allowed for children under 12 years old as it has class II & III rapids.

Canyoning is also a popular and amazing tour, as well as the tours that the company “Sky Adventures” has to offer, including zip line, cable cars or gondolas, rappelling, tubbing and more, but when you visit Arenal, you should visit its Lake.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Arenal Lake

About Arenal Lake and the adventure options

This lake was initially created by tectonic activity, however, a hydroelectric dam was built there in 1,973 so this became an important resource for the country, but it had negative consequences too, because the water level grew and some villages disappeared.

Now it is an important touristic attraction. In Arenal Volcano Costa Rica it is possible to have a perfect view of the volcano due to its location, on the volcano slopes. If you are interested in going to Monteverde, you can cross the lake by boat, it is very nice as the boat is very comfortable, giving you the opportunity to take nice pictures of the volcano and look for aquatic birds that are very common.

It is absolutely perfect to make a stop between all the adventure, and relax in a very calm atmosphere.

Also, if you enjoy water sports it is a great option too. Are you ready to immerse on the adventure there? As it is a lake and there are no waves, it is possible to take a board and a paddle to start making an active sport, the adrenaline will appear again when you are over the board, paddling and discovering this amazing lake, just moving slowly with your paddle and being aware of the wildlife and nature.

This is a beautiful spot to create memories, and pedal board is another possibility to enjoy during your time here.

Rain is common in the area so the lake and rivers maintain a very constant flow. In the afternoon, when the temperature is fresh or early in the morning, take a comfortable kayak and a paddle to have a look of the beautiful lake. The kayak will allow you to have a perfect view of the volcano and while you move forward in your journey through the river, the volcano will impress you even more.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Paradise for Surf in Costa Rica

Paradise for surfers

What would the holidays be without a visit to the beach? Costa Rica beaches are the perfect place to end a trip, so your vacation packages should include some of our beautiful beaches in the North, Central, and South Pacific regions and the Caribbean side.

For people that enjoy the simple but nice things of life it is important to take time to admire the dawn and the sunset, as it is the right time to fill their lungs with fresh air and admire the beauty surrounding them.  Imagine how relaxing is to hear when the waves break in the sand or feel the fresh water in your feet.

Costa Rica adventure vacation packages can also be planned as a surfing adventure, the good news is that you do not need experience to do this activity. There are several amazing spots to practice it, and also different companies that offer surf classes.

Costa Rica vacations: Why you need to take them?, Cahuita Beach, Carribean

A little bit about the weather and the regions of the country

The Caribbean side is characterized to be more humid than the Pacific coast and the best time to travel there is during September, October and from February to April. While, the North Pacific is drier than the Central and South Pacific and the best months to visit the Central and North Pacific are December to May, and in the South Pacific from December to March.

Caribbean side: if you have heard about the Afro Caribbean culture and Limon Costa Rica, this is the home from where this emerges. This is a place that offers you delicious and colorful meals, spicy and fresh seafood and a very friendly ambiance. Its most important characteristic is that this is a place to relax, surrounded by exuberant nature. Cocles and Puerto Viejo beaches are two beautiful spots, considered as part of the top beaches in Costa Rica.

The color of its sand is like gold, with a lot of wildlife possible to be found there. You can stay there and hear the birds singing in every corner or the monkeys jumping in the tall trees.
Puerto Viejo is most recommended for experienced surfers as it usually has tallest waves than Cocles. This second one is an option for beginners as it features quieter waves. The peace that you will feel in both places is just amazing, you do not have to miss this opportunity during your next Costa Rica holidays.

North Pacific: It is a great place for those that want to be in a touristy area. Most of the Guanacaste Costa Rica beaches feature dark sand and are incredible places to rest and relax, walk on the beach and have a nice downtown close by. Every single Guanacastecan beach has its own charm that differentiates it from the others. For example, Tamarindo can be more crowded during high season from December to April but still being a beautiful beach with a lot of options to stay in, while Avellanas and Grande beaches offer spectacular landscapes, less crowded than Tamarindo.

You can also find white sand beaches in the North Pacific area as Guiones beach, very close to Nosara. Both are places very visited by surfers, and its nice and long coast features little vegetation so it turns really hot during the day but the visit is totally worth it as they are two of the prettiest and the few white sand beaches you will find in the area.

Besides, Guanacaste is the area where you will find the best all-inclusive resorts so if you and your family enjoy the comfort of not worrying about anything during holidays, then you may consider a visit to one of our selected resorts in the area. You won’t regret it!

Central Pacific: Hermosa beach is the most recommended place there. This is a nice beach, close to Jaco downtown and it is well-known for the different competitions held in there. You can enjoy beautiful landscapes and you can easily visit more beaches close by in just one day. Jaco Beach is located nearby and is a very touristy place with lot of lodging options and where all the facilities are walking distance. This is a nice place to walk at night looking for fun too!

Manuel Antonio is internationally recognized for its small and exotic beaches surrounded by the green exuberant nature; a paradise to see sloths, birds and monkeys. Calm beaches, clear and dark sand, a nice downtown and different beaches for surfing are just some of the things that make Manuel Antonio a great destination for your holidays. You will have many hotel options that are not beachfront properties but are located on a hill, so the view from almost all the properties is amazing.

South Pacific: This region is well known for its virgin vegetation, its abundant wildlife and for being a less touristy spot. This is a perfect place to be disconnected from the world, and that will surely work perfectly on your Costa Rica adventure vacations.

These are some of the reasons why you must come to Costa Rica. A place of adventure, fun, relax and being in contact to wildlife is waiting for you. Let us help you with the organization of your Costa Rica vacation packages, we will be more than happy to assist you and please contact us at any time. Pura Vida!

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