Costa Rica transportation: The country will have train services to more provinces in two years

Costa Rica transportation: The country will have train services to more provinces in two years

The Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles (INCOFER) plans to have trains running from San Jose to the provinces of Cartago and Alajuela by 2012-2013. Also, the state authorities have the objective to operate trains to Puntarenas and Limon in a short time. This project could help to increase the interesting of more tourists in visiting the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean, the most important destinations for the Costa Rica tourism.
According to Miguel Carabaguiaz, president of INCOFER, the plan is to impulse the operation of a new train from the Capital City to the “Old Metropolis” (Cartago) by the end of 2012 and to Alajuela by the following year. Both provinces are really important for the countries economy, because they are visited by hundreds of tourists, especially to enjoy volcano tours, and different ecology tours in the national parks located into them.
The project will expand the current commuter train services from the Capital City to some near places such as San Pedro, Pavas, Belen and the province of Heredia, which has a lot of beautiful places to visit, and some of the best vacation villas, restaurants, and luxury hotels for visitors.
Carabaguiaz explained that in Cartago’s case just remains to plan out the work schedule, and once Cartago and Alajuela services are operating normally the INCOFER will start to work on train services to Puntarenas and Limon, which have a high number of people who need comfortable and cheap transportation every day mainly for reasons related to work and tourism.

Puntarenas and Limon are favorite destinations for thousands of travelers every year to enjoy tour vacations and adventure travels. Both provinces, located in the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean side offer the best options for tourism. Besides beautiful views, exciting beaches, and exuberant mountains, visitors can find the best vacation hotels and facilities to enjoy the most fascinating family tours and packages trips to Costa Rica.
In the past, the country had some train services operating in these provinces. The transcontinental railway from the Caribbean to Puntarenas was begun in 1871, and the first train departed from Puntarenas to the Capital City in 1910. The services were suspended in 1995. Since 2000, the INCOFER has been working to improve and popularize rail transport from San Jose to other cities.

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